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Image by Timothy Eberly

Pastor Mike and his son Judah invite you to join in on their discussions, as they converse onhow to view the Bible in this fast pace culture.


Discussions with Pastor Mike and Judah

From the personal discovery of God, to exploring the most challenging passages of Scripture, Pastor Mike and Judah bring refreshing clarity to knowing God and living life.

Exploring Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes reminds us that life’s journey is filled with highs and lows. It is in these happy and sad moments that we come to value what is most important in life. Since you can’t avoid your happy and sad, experience what God means when He says, “to eat, drink and enjoy our work.”

Pastor Mike Finds God

A variety of topics discussed; from being a rebel against God to experiencing the love of God, Pastor Mike takes us through the waste places of his past to living a transformed life in Christ.

God's Word Alive In Us

Are you ready to experience the Word of God coming alive in your life? Pastors Mike & Judah share Scriptures that have strengthened their own personal faith. Don’t just read the Word, watch the Word of God come alive and active in you.

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