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Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike has over forty years of experience as a pastor/teacher and he uses the circumstances of his life, his travels and his business entrepreneurship, to convey biblical teachings in condensed videos that can be applied to everyday life. 


Pastor Mike is producing short video-blogs for busy people on the go who want to learn about God in practical ways.  Welcome to n-3 minutes.


Pastor Judah

Judah has been involved in ministry for over a decade.  He has extensive experience in discipleship programs and creating diverse teams of volunteers.  And for eight years he divided his time between weekly pastoral services, leading small groups, and individual counseling. 

Judah is involved in n-3 minutes biblical studies and interviews.  He works to help create easy, accessible and relatable content that teaches the fundamentals of Christianity.  


Summing up 40 years of pastoral ministry, Pastor Mike is presenting what he has experienced with God in these short 3 minute messages to strengthen and encourage your faith.


Pastor Mike and and his wife Trisha founded the Home Church in 1978, in San Jose, California. The Home Church has been and continues to be located in Campbell, California since September 1981.  From the beginning, their purpose has been to have a multi-generational and multi-ethnic congregation. Pastor Mike firmly believes and has stated many times, that heaven is not white and the many mixtures of cultures within Home Church and his personal ministry, resembles the colors of heaven. After nearly forty years of ministry, Pastor Mike is refining his many years of preaching into shorter, more succinct video-blogs called n-3 minutes. Our goal and mission going forward is to create a place for people passionate about God, to explore and learn for those with even the busiest of schedules.

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