America is on a collision course of self destruction. Is there still hope for averting disaster?

There are many areas of the Bible that people consider too controversial to explain. You can examine a few of these subject and judge for yourself.

Is happiness really possible and is happiness dependent on your circumstances? Even in changing circumstances there is a contentment that persists.

 If the evidence is not there, then don’t believe, but don't deny yourself an honest evaluation of the facts.  

We are all tempted. It is not whether we all face temptation, it is what we do with these temptations and how do we learn to overcome and become stronger through temptations.

Fear can paralyze you and prevent you from seeing God at work. Get your fears in front of God’s perfect love and watch the change that comes over you.

Unbelief can paralyze you into inaction. Faith takes hold of God while defying reason and won’t let go, waiting to see God work.

We all sin and sin repeatedly. It is what we do with our sin that will determine how we live life and rise above this burden that drags us downward.

Just when you thought you couldn’t bean another pressure, grace is what brought you through. Understanding God’s grace is essential to success.

God is in the business of miracles, not man. The amazing thing is that God delights to work through those who will give Him all the glory for healing and miracles.

When we die do we cease to exist? Is Heaven a real place that God has created for those who love His Son; or is heaven an invention of weaker minds? Is there sufficient evidence to challenge our thinking? 

He is who He says He is or He is not. Your answer to who Jesus is has eternal consequences.

Is it possible to really know God. Can He be known like we know each other? Do you have favor with God? Find out the answers.

Can God really love you, considering He knows everything? Your answer will change the way your future unfolds.

Marriages aren’t built to last; marriages are working relationships that require constant attention. The benefits are work the work expended.

Real men are still standing and God will do great things through you, not because of your great numbers, but because you have heart.

What we do with our money say a lot about what we really believe in. 

Is self motivation enough to to change the course we are on, or has God provided a way to address overcoming these obstacles in a tangible way.

What keeps you from real productivity? Learning these truths will increase your yield, some 30, some 60 and some 100%.

It’s hard to change our circumstances when we are self focused. An attitude of gratitude and thankfulness places the focus on a course of correction.

Prayer is said to be hard work. Learn how to pray as your passing through your day and discover the simplicity of prayer.

Friendships are forever for those who are in Christ Jesus. Handle these relationships with constant vigilance and keep them in good repair.

Learn how to reach those you love without using much words. 

Yes they are present in power, but not for our own enjoyment. Spiritual gifts are directed by the Spirit to build a healthy community of believers.

Yes this war is real and denying it won’t change the fact that you have an enemy out to destroy you, in more ways than merely making you a casualty of this war.

Strongholds are strategic plans of your adversary to incapacitate and render you ineffective. Tearing them down requires knowledge of the tactics used against you. 

Denying the Bible dose not change what has been written. If God indeed has given us His words through the Bible, make certain your denial is based on facts.

How do you feel about your body and how do you care it? What are Jesus’ expectations of us concerning His church?

No exemptions granted! It is clear that we cannot develop in solid character without going through trials. Here is where we need wisdom.

Look around and see the condition of society. What part will you play in building up the family?

Words alone cannot express the value of women. Remember it was women who played a most important role in Jesus’ earthly ministry.

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