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Pastor Judah 

Image by Peter Conlan

Study with us by listening to Pastor Judah as he delves into Biblical Creeds, the beliefs that shape our world. 

Image by Samson Stebbins


A series learning about the 4 eternal truths about God.  The 4 G's are this.  God is great, God is glorious, God is good, God is gracious - (2014)

Image by Markos Mant

Be Different

Make a choice, change your life, be different.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


A series on Identity by Pastor Judah Kiley (2014)

Image by Hugo Fergusson

Living the Cross

A series on living the path that Christ on the cross paid for us by Pastor Judah Kiley (2015)

Image by Dailos Medina


Delve into a study of Ecclesiastes with Pastor Judah Kiley.  

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