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Family Fun


Raising Monarch Butterflies

My grandson William has made several food videos with me at 4life Kitchens in the past 5 years; I thought you would enjoy seeing him outside of the kitchen raising butterflies.

I Like Purple Too

​FUN is a mere three-letter word that provides significant memories to those who are willing to spend quality time with their children​. FUN doesn't require an investment of money, but it does require your time. My​ return investment has been their joy and laughter.

William & Papa Bird Watching 

When you make spending time with your children & grandchildren a priority, you build lasting memories. William and I share many adventures, most recently, bird watching. Here we discover, feed and video birds in their habitat. Enjoy!

Grandpas R Needed

​Family Fun is an adventure with our children and grandchildren. Grandpas R needed; it is a reminder that what is truly important may cost us the most valuable thing we possess, TIME.

Dad's Day With Kids

Fun doesn't cost much, but it leaves behind a treasure of memories. It’s not too late to change and discover new adventures. Begin now, begin with small steps, but definitely begin.

What to do With So Much Snow

When it really snows, you had better have a plan to do something with it.

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