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Fear is real! It can come on suddenly or may be a nagging low-grade worry that sticks around. Since I cannot rid myself of every worry and the fear that interrupts my day,  I have learned how to put them in check on a daily basis; here’s how.

When God Anoints You

Do you ever stop and say to yourself, "I have an anointing from God?" What can you accomplish with this anointing that you cannot possibly accomplish without it. What must you do to be assured of God's anointing. 

Managing My Frustration

I have dealt with a lot of frustration in my life, and until I did this video with Judah, I never thought of it as anything other than frustration. Judah offers a fresh perspective on the damage unchecked frustration has on each of us. Ask yourself this question, "Has my accumulation of frustration ever led to anger?" What does anger lead to?  

Image by Aaron Burden

God's Word Alive In Us
Pastors Mike & Judah share how Scriptures can prepare us for the future

Are you ready to experience the Word of God coming alive in your life? Pastors Mike & Judah share Scriptures that have strengthened their own personal faith. Don’t just read the Word, watch the Word of God come alive and active in you.

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