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I Was A Highschool Dropout Pt 1

During Christmas, my son Judah asked me to do a series of interviews regarding my discovery of God. In future years he wants his children to see how God took hold of their grandpa. If God can use me for His glory, with all my limitations, He can change anyone who sincerely seeks Him.

I Didn't Need God In My Life Pt 2

I didn't need God in my life; I thought I was doing a good job running my own life. Now looking back, I see how God revealed Himself in a way that got my attention.

I Learned From my Mother's Hard Life Pt 3

After my dad left, my mom worked hard to keep us, kids, together. When we were finally out of the house, she began to abuse alcohol. Like the prodigal son, she returned to serving her Heavenly Father and was a great inspiration to me.

God My Father Delights In Me Pt 4

Yes, God delights in me. I didn't grow up with a father and had a firm disbelief when I first heard that God is a loving Father. My journey was difficult, but God didn't give up on me or run out when I didn’t care for him. If you didn’t experience a loving father, consider what I am saying here. Most of all, be a great father to your children.

I Tried Hard to Please God Pt 5

When I started out in my Christian walk, I was convinced that I had to work hard to get God’s attention. I also thought that God favored some people more than others so I began my journey doing things that I believed would move God to notice me. It didn’t work.

Why God Favors Me Pt 6

Does God favor an individual? Is this favor possible for everyone? What if I am still dealing with sin? I questioned whether God, who is Holy, could actually show favor to me. I was convinced that He did have favorites, but I was not one of them.

Money No Longer Controlled Me Pt 7

How much money is enough? It's a wonderful thing when money does not exercise control over you. In God's economy, the best return on your money is investing wisely.

Image by Jason Wong

Years of rebelling against God to discovering God’s love, Mike opens up his life’s journey. You will discover what compelled him to seek to please God rather than man.


From dropping out of high school, to confronting alcoholism with his mom, he reveals what kept him seeking God.

Pastor Mike Finds God

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