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Image by Chris Lawton

We will all face trials throughout our life. Discover God's purpose in trials and afflications.

Spiritual Warfare

Why Doesn't God Destroy the Devil?

Why doesn't God destroy the devil if God is all-powerful? A closer look at Divine jurisprudence, answering the deeper question, how much influence and power does the devil possess.

The Counterfeit God

The devil masquerades as an angel of light. He invades your thoughts and suggests the mess you are in is of your own doing. At best we have limited help from God.

Duped by the Devil

What makes you think that you have a right to receive God’s blessing? Your sin is a constant reminder of how far removed you are from God, or does it? 

Comfort Can Kill You

You can get comfortable and you may think that your adversary the devil will leave you alone; make no mistake; the devil will not rest until you ignore your Christian faith or are destroyed. 

Passport to Earth

Are you certain that Jesus is coming back to earth? Are you staking your whole future on this prospect? 

The Credibility Gap

The ‘what ifs’ in your mind are the devils way of stripping away your faith in God. Where is the adversary the devil assaulting your faith?

The Conscientious Objector

Even You may be inclined to say: “This spiritual warfare stuff is not for me, and I’m not going to deal with the devil.” You may choose to ignore the warnings, but that won’t protect you from the deadly attacks of your adversary.storms can bring exciting new life lessons. God is in the midst of our present storm, but we need to pay close attention or we will miss His presence and His invaluable lessons. 

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