Coffee in Nature

God's business is the making of men and women of God. Our business is to be available.

Healthy Relationships

A Parable for Mothers

Mothers have one of the toughest jobs in the world, rivaling the work of business and government leaders. This parable reveals the courage of mothers.

The Making of Men

Men facing, debt, discouragement, disillusionment and distress, qualify for a makeover by the living God. God delights to make mighty men out of such material as the weakness of human frailty

Finishing Well

We all want to finish well, but we must purpose to do something about it. From starting out to old age, we are on a fast track and we only have one life to live. Live it well.

Teamwork Part 1

It can be a lonely life when you attempt to go it alone. Teamwork is the way to accomplish much


in your family, among friends and at work. Teamwork is essential.

Teamwork Part 2

In teamwork, everyone is important and each person plays a significant role and these roles overlap to build a healthy team.  

Real Friends Won't Leave You

How many real friends do you have? When things are pressing you down, are your friends there to support you, or do they flee with the first winds of difficulty? Have you considered a friendship with God?

I Won't Be Forgotten

Never be so busy with your life that you cease to spend time with those who matter. "I Won't Be Forgotten" expresses the heart cry of most people who want to keep memories alive with those they love.

A New Adventure


Jimmy and Linda are an example of a couple finishing well. Serving the church for over 30 years, they exemplified faithfulness to God, love of church and service to their community. Truly they learned the secret of grace in the midst of life’s challenges.

Paul, Pastor to the Chinese

Friendship is Forever. Pastor Paul & Jane, thank you for your faithfulness and love for your people. Your commitment to discipleship has raised up a generation of committed Christians.