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Image by Julian Schmuckli

Do you feel locked out? Think back to the time you questioned God's love for you. How does God feel about you right now?

Why God Matters

What if God Does Exist?

What will you do if you find out that God really does exist?

Hearing God

Is hearing God's voice possible? What is it like to hear God when He speaks? 

God, Closer Than You Think

Is God really that far away? Would you be able to hear footsteps if God were approaching you? 

Free or in Bondage

Are you happy with yourself are or do you longingly look at others and wish you had their circumstances and life? 

How Big is God?

The greatness of God is proclaimed throughout the Bible and our future depends on the certainty of this great truth. How do view God?

God Doesn't Owe Us Anything

How can we be so bold to declare that we can have a friendship with God? Does God owe us anything? When you discover the answer to these questions, you will never see God the same way again. 

God & Government

We have attempted to remove God from the governance of this great country, while distancing ourselves from Him. How long can this go on?

God Up Close

Is it possible to see God up close? How can I experience His favor? Are these questions we dare only dream about? What if God is waiting for you to ask Him!

When You Need Answers

 Why doesn’t God answer me? Is God disappointed in me? What does God expect of me? How can I measure up to His standard? When you need answers to questions that seem to go nowhere.

Why Me?

Think back to the time you questioned God’s love for you. How does God feel about you right now?

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