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Image by Ray Hennessy

Describe a healthy relationship. Better yet, be one.


Jesus Renews Marriage

Marriages must be continuously renewed to keep love and friendship alive. Your marriage will not stay alive and fresh unless you are committed to working diligently at it.

Marriage, Challenging and Wonderful

Marriage is challenging and also wonderful. Your marriage requires dedication and investment of energy and time. You can be as happy as you want to be.

Jesus & the Adulterous Woman

God created sex! Will sex leave you feeling invigorated or all used up? Jesus brings healing to the woman that the religious leaders were condemning.      

Miracles & Marriage

We may be too busy to see the miracles that take place in our marriage, but they are taking place. Don’t miss the miracle. 

Do You Love Her?

Did you marry your best friend? Are you still growing in this friendship? Discover joy and renewed hope.  

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