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Image by Sebastian Unrau

Fear will paralyze you, worry and anxiety will prevent you from enjoying the fullness of life.

Fear & Anxiety

When I am Afraid

The only person who says he is never afraid is either lying or he is already in heaven. We all face fears, but we must not submit to these fears. 

When God Pursues Us

Being afraid and on the run makes us look over our shoulder to see who is following close behind. Have you ever mistaken the person who was after you? What if it is God Himself.

Experiencing Personal Fear

We all face fear; the hardest thing is admitting it. When we submit to our fears, these very fears can paralyze us. Only God can calm our fears and trepidations.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Many times we would like to be past our current difficulty, to only find ourselves right smack in another problem. How can we reconcile facing our present challenges, while not wishing our life speed rapidly by? See if you are pulling the magic thread.

Antidote for Fear

With the coronavirus challenging the very way we live life, we need an antidote to confront these fears. God reveals to us in the Bible how to face these fears.

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