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Image by Zac Durant

How do you see yourself? More importantly, how does God see you?

A New Identity in Christ

A Meal With Jesus

What would it be like to have a meal with Jesus? There are times we feel quite alone and can be overwhelmed with discouragement. Jesus always lifted the spirits of those He ate with. You are invited.

Jesus & Vineyards

Jesus utilized His walk through a vineyard to convey one of His great teachings; apart from Jesus, the vine, you cannot be fruitful. 

Lets go Fishing

What does fishing have to do with catching people for Jesus? Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Is Jesus Relevant

Is Jesus relevant? Much of the western world is satisfied with replacing God with themselves. Are we better or worse off, leaving God out of the equation? How will the younger generations choose?

Jesus Up Close...

Do you feel unworthy to approach Jesus? What if you could see Him up close? When you get to know Him up close, your world takes on a whole different view.

Why Good News?

The Bible is called the Gospel and the word Gospel means ‘Good News’. With all the uncertainty and bad news in our world, how will receiving this Good News impact my present circumstances?

It's The Law, Stop

Does the law of God bless you or curse you? Jesus’ summary of the law has far reaching implications for us today.   

Jesus Calls Us Friends

Is friendship with God possible? Friendships take work and require an investment of time and energy. What part do we individually play in this vital friendship? 

Does Jesus Posses Divinity?

If Jesus isn’t God, the whole Christian idea is flawed. Do only the uninformed believe such things or is this subject on a grander scale?

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