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How do you see yourself? More importantly, how does God see you?

Where is God in American history? Can we survive without God?

Peacemaking and conflict resolution are hard work.  Jesus said, 'blessed are the peacemakers', not the peace-lovers.  

Faith is not an attribute of self-confidence, nor is it positive thinking; without it life ceased to be an adventure.  

Fear will paralyze you; worry and anxiety will prevent you from enjoying the fullness of life.

Forgiveness is a difficult path to accept and take, we must acknowledge our own faults while understanding the fault of others.  


God’s business is the making of men and women of God. Our business is to be available.

A variety of topics discussed with Pastor Mike.

This question, pondered for centuries by scientists, philosophers, and theologians is awaiting your response.

Throughout church history, the church has been under assault.  Will church continue to be relevant in the days to come? 

Describe a healthy relationship. Better yet, be one.

In the world of money, what are you worth?  In this highly competitive world, are you being treated fairly? 

True praise, which includes thankfulness and gratitude, will alter the way you view and enjoy life.

The Spirit leads, guides, teaches, comforts, intercedes and empowers us. We better invest time getting to know the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Character and integrity cannot be purchased and God will move heaven and earth to press us to grow up.

This war is real, whether you believe it or not. Win or lose in this warfare, you choose.

We will all face trials throughout our life. Discover God’s purpose in trials and afflictions.

Do you feel locked out?  Think back to the time you questioned God's love for you.  How does God feel about you right now?

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